It  takes A Team

Volunteer Driven by Stroke Survivors

SOCIALS is not funded. Like BLAST, it is organised by ‘seasoned’ Strokees following the BLAST philosophy, of 'Therapy Under The Guise Of Fun'. In stroke, we have vast pool of people with diverse life experiences. Hemiplegia, aphasia, and cognitive issues are addressed during the acute phase. Hurdles such as, lack of confidence, self esteem, and self worth may not surface until connecting to community. Baby steps in responsibility with experienced peers engages and empowers.

To get this going we need a little help from our friends. Donating time every week is a big ask, a few hours a month is not. Committing to once a month within a pool of volunteers allows flexibility and networking. Ultimately these positions will be filled by stroke survivors. It is a critical time after medical professionals say you’ve plateaued. We need a vehicle for stroke survivors to give back at this point to find value in their experience. 

At SOCIALS components can be divided  and tailored to suit individual abilities including the fatigue factor. Responsibility for each meeting will be shared providing a safe, comfortable environment with people who get you. We need to take control of our destiny and help relieve the burden to Health Care

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