Who are we

We are Survivors Offering Camaraderie In Active Living Support "SOCIALS". we originate from the Thursday Templeton Turtles. Home of the Stroke Recoverers Review Newsletter and BLAST Family of Stroke Survivors, Building Life After Stroke Together. Since moving to Co:Here we invite residents, and stroke survivors in our neighbourhood. We are focused, but not limited to stroke.

SOCIALS is not funded by the health authority or any other stroke related group. Like BLAST it is organised by ‘well seasoned’ Strokees following the BLAST philosophy, of 'Therapy Under The Guise Of Fun'. We offer decades of combined experiences in stroke. Our gathering every week are simply to fill our need for BLISS Better Life In Stroke Survival.

Stroke has a vast pool of people with diverse life experiences who are afflicted by a variety of limitations. Every stroke is different. Common issues such as hemiplegia, aphasia, and cognitive function are addressed during the acute phase. Hurdles such as, lack of confidence, self esteem, and self worth may not surface until connecting to community. Engaging with experienced peers empowers and allows for baby steps in taking responsibility.

We need to take control of our destiny and help relieve the burden to Health care. Organizing ourselves, has allowed us to recognize the benefits of sharing our own experiences to help others. Through our social activities, we have noticeable improvements in our members growth and self worth. Building Life After Stroke Together enabled personal gains, I once thought impossible. In creating BLAST I discovered BLISS "Better Life In Stroke Survival". Marked improvement beginning almost 20 years post stroke is phenomenal and has to be shared.